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Family Tree


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Product Description

Create your own family tree!Product InformationThe easy way to record your entire family history.Everything you need to create elegant Family Trees and valuable family reportsquickly - keeping a detailed record of your family history and includes everything you need to create high-quality family trees and reports.Entering your family information is quick and easy. Add new individuals directly into your family tree. Drag and drop onto any part of your tree to create relationships.Navigate through each generation.Store all valuable family information including names dates birth and death locations events marriage information and more. Easily maintain all medical and address information military history  occupations interesting stories and other notes.  Easily record family members who have remarried. Show adopted foster and step children relationships for each parent. Add scanned photographs and documents for each individual. Photographs can be displayed in any family tree. Store birth certificates diplomas and other documents digitally. Keep unlimited pictures for each person.You can design Family Tree charts that include an entire Family Tree select a certain number of generations or just select the immediate family. You can also include additional information in the Family Tree chart such as dates and photographs. Automatically create high-quality Ancestor or Pedigree family trees. Choose the number of generations to display on each tree and how much information to show. Print Family Reports and Family Trees for just the immediate family. Easily create and print Descendent Reports.Preserving your family heritage has never been easier. Product Features Record detailed information about each person Powerful genealogy features Show family relationships instantly  Quick search for family members Support for modern families Add photographs and scanned documents Import/Export files to other genealogy programs Supports all major gene

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