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Shock Doctor Active Impact Insole


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  • Adaptive arch technology, adapts to any foot shape for perfect comfort; Reduces and protects you from over use injuries and provides natural shock absorption
  • Air/FX top cover
  • Forefoot and heel shock pad and Shock Dome absorbs the jarring shocks that could transfer to your knees, hips and lower back; Mid-foot Shock Dome relaxes foot and can help relieve plantar fasciitis
  • Butterfly control bar regulates medial and lateral movement to stabilize and align the foot and control pronation
  • Full foot shock absorbing foam provides cushion and support; Can reduce lower body fatigue and pain so that you can train/play longer and harder

Product Description

Product descriptionThe Shock Doctor Active Impact Insole is specifically engineered for longer runs & hikes and harder surfaces so you can train and play with less stress on your joints.From the ManufacturerThe Shock Doctor Active Impact insole adapts to fit any foot shape and is designed for athletes who demand higher impact performance for longer and harder activities.

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