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Ultimate Kitchen™ - Best Stainless Steel Sink Soap Dispenser (Satin) - Large Capacity 17 OZ Bottle – 3.15 Inch Threaded Tube for Thick Deck Installation - WARRANTY: This product comes with a 5-year replacement warranty only from seller: Kitchen-Classics.


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US$24.99$31.38US$4.99$6.27US$29.98$37.65 BUY
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  • *** ATTENTION AMAZON CUSTOMER ***: This Awesome Product is Available ONLY by seller Kitchen-Classics. Any other sellers are shipping cheap counterfeits. Be sure to look directly above this line for: "Sold by Kitchen-Classics and Fulfilled by Amazon". If any other seller is listed, look to the right (---------------->) for Sold By Kitchen-Classics.
  • FIVE YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY - Who Else Is Offering You That Kind Of Protection??
  • EXCELLENT DESIGN - Our soap dispenser KEEPS ITS PRIME and has a 3" nozzle that reaches over the sink
  • REFILL FROM THE TOP - Your purchase includes a LARGE CAPACITY (17oz.) Soap Bottle that you can refill from the top. No more crawling under the sink!
  • INSTALLATION VIDEO PROVIDED - The Video is on our website (Link provided in installation instructions).

Product Description

Avoid These Mistakes When Purchasing a Sink Soap Dispenser [MISTAKE # 1]Have you purchased soap dispensers that looked great in a catalog picture or store shelf… but constantly break down, clog, and leak into your cabinets below, causing problems? All of our soap dispensers are heavy duty… are only built with the finest components… and have a 5 year replacement warranty. Who else is offering you that kind of warranty? [MISTAKE # 2] Do you have to pump several times on your soap dispenser to finally get the soap flowing? The pumps on our soap dispensers are specifically designed to stay primed so they always deliver soap on the very first pump. And don’t drip. [MISTAKE # 3] Does your soap dispenser drip soap all over the kitchen counter? The Stainless Steel Pump Head on our soap dispensers has a 3" nozzle so you can easily pump dish soap right into the sink. The top of the pump pulls off so you can simply add soap from the top of the dispenser… and never crawl under the counter. [MISTAKE # 4] Did you purchase your soap dispenser form a business that abandons you the minute you purchase the dispenser? We have great customer service, and clear installation instructions are emailed to you at the time of purchase. And, we have an installation video on our website for your viewing (Link provided in installation instructions). [MISTAKE # 5] Did your soap dispenser come with a low volume 13oz. soap bottle, as most do? Our soap dispensers come with a LARGE CAPACITY 17oz soap bottle. So Don"t Delay... Scroll back up the top of this page and purchase with confidence.

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