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Travel ZEN Inflatable Crescent Meditation Cushion By Invigorated Living, Portable Yoga Meditation Pillow, No More Heavy Meditation Chair or Bench, Quality Construction, Durable Material (Green)


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  • TAKE YOUR TRAVEL ZEN MEDITATION CUSHION ANYWHERE, ANYTIME – No need to lug a heavy crescent Zafu & Zabuton meditation pillow around with you, or worse a meditation chair or bench, to ensure consistent meditation practice. Meditate or practice yoga anywhere you like and enjoy morning and evening meditations. Take your Travel Zen yoga blocks by Invigorated Living to the beach, office, and on holidays.
  • TRAVEL ZEN CAN BE USED FOR MUCH MORE THAN MEDITATION & YOGA – Our Travel Zen Inflatable Crescent Meditation Cushion can also be used as a comfy travel inflatable pillow, extra back support, something to kneel on while gardening, or anything else you could use an inflatable, lightweight and portable meditation pillow for.
  • TRAVEL ZEN MEDITATION PILLOW IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH – Like yoga blocks, by sitting on the Travel Zen you will be engaging your deep core muscles around your middle. A strong core is the foundation to a strong injury free body. You’ll also be providing your spine, neck, back, hips, knees and pelvis with additional support.
  • EASY TO INFLATE & DEFLATE – To inflate simply squeeze the base of the inflation valve then blow or pump air into the valve until desired firmness is achieved. To deflate simply squeeze the base of the valve while squeezing your Travel Zen, then roll or fold the cushion until the pillow is deflated before placing back in the handy travel pouch.
  • TRAVEL ZEN IS TOP QUALITY – Made from durable high quality materials the Travel Zen’s sturdy construction can accommodate weight load of up to 220 pounds (or 100 kilograms) making it the perfect portable crescent meditation cushion or yoga block.

Product Description

Are you ready to get your ZEN on? Don’t be confined to one location for your meditation or yoga practice by using a traditional heavy Zabuton meditation cushion & Zafu pillow. Move over bulky meditation bench or chair, The Travel Zen Inflatable Meditation Cushion by Invigorated Living is the perfect solution empowering you to take your meditation and yoga practice wherever you go. Take your Travel Zen yoga pillow to the office beach, park and on holidays with you so you can experience and explore the endless benefits to meditation and yoga. Can be used as a substitute for yoga blocks or travel pillow. Enjoy your Travel Zen knowing its constructed from top quality materials and is strong enough to support your neck, spine, back, hips, pelvis and knees while practicing meditation, yoga, gardening and more. 100% Satisfaction Money Back or Replacement Guarantee.

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