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Norse Strength Hand Grip Exerciser Kit Adjustable Gripper 22-88 Lbs with 2 Strengthener Squeeze Rings, Arm Exercise Trainer for Men, Women and Kids


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  • BENEFITS: develop strength in your wrists,fingers and forearms.Improve hand muscularity and grip strengthening
  • SPORTS: suitable for all sports activities where your arm coordination is required like: fitness, yoga, crossfit, weightlifting, climbing, tennis,golf, football, volleyball, athletes and musicians.
  • PAIN RELIEF: aid in physical therapy and rehabilitation from carpal tunnel,tennis elbow, arthritis or arm injury.
  • Kit Includes: 1 Exerciser adjustable resistance 22-88 lbs(10-40 Kg) + 2 Squeeze silicone rings 40|60 lbs tension + Booklet guide.
  • CONSULT CHART: choose the best hand gripper equipment suitable for men women and kids, all hand sizes advanced or beginners.

Product Description

Norse Strengths Benefits: Improve performance in sports where your arms are involved: weightlifting, rock climbers/wall climbing, bodybuilders, gym enthusiasts, yoga, volleyball, martial arts, golfers, surfers, tennis, basketball, baseball players, bodyweight training and so much more!Work’s for musicians drummers, guitarists, pianists, gamers, massage therapists, office workers or pregnant mom’s which need to increase their arm grip.  People needing to do physical therapy, endurance and strength building exercises. Arm injury prevention equipment!Beautiful and ergonomic design, non-slip handles covered with soft, comfortable and durable rubber for frequent and comfy usage.The mold design of the rubber rings gives you the right pressure distribution while you squeeze them.Perfect for people of all ages!A convenient and effective way to strengthen your grip and increase arm mobility, flexibility, and dexterity! We use our hands in pretty much all the daily life activities! Having and maintaining strong arms will help you go through your everyday task with much more easiness! Exercise while you reading, watching your favorite show, at your office or in your outdoor activities! Kit Includes:1 x Adjustable hand strengthener 22 - 88 lbs (10-40 kg2 x rubber ring : 40 lbs #green ; 60 lbs #blackBooklet exercise guideBuild Strong Arms  !!  Anytime, Anywhere !!

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